Kostka WHITE 10x10 BINTAN mosaic on a plastic grid INDUSTONE

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Stone mosaic on a plastic grid to facilitate installation.

Price for one mosaic sheet , in dimension: 30x30 cm

-1m2 consists of 11 patches

-material: marble

-Color: more intense shade was obtained after

-Size of one element: about 10x10 cm impregnation

Pośpiesz się! Tylko 30 szt. w magazynie!

Our mosaic has been hand made in Indonesia by local craftsmen. Depending on the model the material used to produce it is always natural stone like marble, andesite, onyx, sandstone and fossil wood.

In our offer we have variety of mosaic sizes: - standard dimensions: 30x30 cm each slice, - unusual sizes for example: 22,5x22,5; 20x40 cm; 50x50 cm (mosaic wood) - decors format : 10x30 cm.

Stone mosaic characteristic:

- give a decorative look and create a unique atmosphere

- very durable and resistant to many factors: cold, heat, water, mechanical damage

- widely used, both inside and outside houses, in bathrooms, saunas, massage spa, on decorative walls, facades, fireplaces housing , pools

- The ability to adapt to irregular or unusual shapes of walls and floors

- Easy to clean

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Kostka WHITE 10x10 BINTAN...