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RIVER STONE RSB3 wash basin overtop INDUSTONE

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River stone (river stone) is a natural stone of fluvial origin that has been carried by flowing rivers and streams from mountain springs to various locations and deposited in river valleys. These stones vary in shape, size and color. It is a very hard and abrasion-resistant stone, making it suitable for outdoor as well as indoor use. River stone is a naturally occurring raw material that is resistant to weathering and insects and fungi. Sinks of this type are very popular due to their natural appearance and durability
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  The bathroom is a very interesting design task. Here aesthetic qualities must go hand in hand with functionality in such a way that the originality is not lost. The washbasin is the focal point of the bathroom. Not only because of the lighting provided by the mirror above it, which looks like an illuminated exhibit in an art gallery, but also because the most common activity in the bathroom is washing hands. Unfortunately, most of the washbasins available on the market have a very typical, unoriginal character.
  They are conspicuously contorted and, above all, branded, which makes them lack beauty and soul. Uniquely shaped washbasins are a very important design element, as they give the entire room an unusual atmosphere. A perfect example of this are washbasins made of natural stone, whose durability, usefulness and, above all, original, unique beauty are undeniable. As you know, each stone has a different shape and arrangement of internal veins, which gives the washbasin a unique shape.
  All this makes such a washbasin the focal point of the bathroom and transforms the room into a place where one spends time pleasantly, even while washing hands. Importantly, a washbasin with a unique shape is such an intense design accent that, in a way, it makes it easier to compose the rest of the room, since simplicity is best combined with unconventional elements.
 The item for sale in this auction is a stone washbasin made of river stone (River Stone). This sink was made in Indonesia by local craftsmen. Hundreds years of tradition and experience results in perfect shape and beautiful look of our products – each one is a small piece of art with excellent quality.River Stone overtop sink can be very original alternative for traditional ceramic sinks. These sinks can be used in almost all conditions. They are durable, uncomplicated in care and simply beautiful!
 Each one is unique and unrepeatable – as unique and unrepeatable is each stone in the earth. River Stone sink is made by bisecting a huge boulder - river natural stone. It is sculptured from a single pebble block (without gluing), then polished. Each also has a substantial wall thickness, so do not break even in contact with very hot water. Item is new, originally packed by the manufacturer.
The price is for one piece (to choose one of the pieces in the photos attached to the auction). If someone would like to order more than one piece it is possible. On request we will try to match a similar one, but it will never be identical as each piece is unique. Please contact the store staff before purchasing more than one washbasin.

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55-65 cm
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38-55 kg
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4,5 cm
river stone

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