Rules of cleaning and maintenance of sinks made of natural stone: 

  • A sink should be cleaned on the current basis; do not allow for deposition of dirt;
  • Before cleaning, a sink should be wetted by water; 
  • It is recommended to use a wet cloth, a sponge or a soft brush for cleaning; 
  • A heavily dirty sink can be washed using a special agent for the stone maintenance – a preparation should have a natural pH value (pH=7) – and on the everyday basis with a mild soap-and-water solution or a dishwashing soap; Then rinse it away with large amount of warm water. 
  • One should avoid an application of aggressive cleaning agents and caustic chemical substances;
  • In case of noticing a stain/stains on the sink one should clean it/them as quickly as possible;  One SHOULD NOT IN ANY CASE USE for cleaning a sink of natural stone: acid cleaners for bathtubs and gres, scrubbing agents for toilet bowls and porcelain, ammonium, cleaning pastes, vinegar, alcohol, window cleaners, citric acid or lemon juice, bleachers, metal cleaners and metal brushers; 
  • For shining of sink surfaces of natural stones, there are particularly recommended agents which contain beeswax or specialist stone wax.